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Certificates of Completion

Users with a certificate in a particular course have covered the following concepts below.

Fundamentals I

An introductory course on coding with JavaScript. Teaches basic programming concepts that can be applied to any language. Topics include strings, arrays, operators, variables, if statements, loops, and objects.

Fundamentals II

A continuation of Fundamentals that teaches more advanced topics. Covers string & array manipulation, variable scope, the ternary operator, functions, callbacks and recursion.

Animations I

An introduction to making animations with JavaScript. Introduces the D3 library and the basics of working with Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs). Topics include appending shapes, setting attributes, using event handlers, and creating transitions.

Animations II

A more advanced look at using JavaScript to create SVG animations. Teaches arrow functions, boolean control, and how to use loops, if statements, arrays, and objects to create complex animations.

Array Methods

A comprehensive examination of JavaScript array methods. Covers how to search, modify and apply functions to arrays. Topics include .indexOf, .includes, .splice, .join, .reduce, and .map.

Intro to Interviewing

An introduction to problem solving and computational thinking. Teaches breaking down problems and translating solutions into code. Introduces helper functions, multiple returns, truthiness, and debugging.